Massage student on table.


"After taking a multitude of short workshops in Phenomenal Touch and assisting in a few, I decided to enroll in the Institute For Phenomenal Touch Massage.  The result has been spectacular.  With just a subtle shift in application, my longtime clients think I'm performing brand new moves.  And they love what I'm doing.  This course has opened my heart so that my massage delivers love with every stroke.  My clients feel that deeply."
Jack Biddle, student in the IPTM training, Boulder, CO

"In the last 15 years, I have practiced a variety of massage. My search has gone beyond the physical. And finally I discovered that a Master truly exists, a woman who believes that one can be taught how to love, trust and heal from the inside out. All you have to do is reach out and join in the dance of phenomenal touch and you will find this master too.  My heart felt thanks to Leslie Bruder."
Dawn Burke, assistant for the IPTM training, Santa Cruz, CA

"Through the gentle and inspirational teaching of Leslie Bruder and the teaching assistants, and through the profound connection with my fellow students at the Institute for Phenomenal Touch Massage, I'm am becoming the person I knew I could be. This deep heartfelt in-depth instruction of the art of 3-D massage is transforming my inner being in ways I never dreamed possible. The richness, care, and love goes far beyond simply learning how to do the most beautiful massage on the planet. It, in it's fullest sense, allows us to reach a much deeper human potential."
Anya Worsham, student in the IPTM training, Boulder, CO

"After studying with Leslie Bruder for over five years, learning her heartfelt and powerful modality of massage, i am honored to be one of her assistants in the Institute for Phenomenal Touch Massage. This program is set up like no other. Leslie devotes her energy and open heart to this school in a way that encourages and allows each student to transform. there is a high ratio of instructors to students which ensures each student will get ample attention and be tested out on each move that Leslie has created. Nothing is left out, from the littlest detail of gorgeous flowers and waterfalls to a vastly creative curriculum that considers all styles of learning. IPTM is set up to change the way massage therapists touch their clients and all that is around them. It's effect on each student is so profound, it is clear that it will undoubtedly cause a shift in the world."
Michelle Moore, assistant in the IPTM training, Boulder, CO

"If you are new to learning massage, as I was, you will be fortunate to  learn an all encompassing skill in a new modality from the ground up.  Because of the Institute for Phenomenal Touch Massage, my heart and soul now go into every massage that I give.  My personal growth has been incredibly enhanced .  Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, I have become recharged and energized, rededicated to a life of joy and service, accomplishment and celebration.  Leslie and her staff set an incredible example of accepting everything that we bring to the table. I am in awe."
Michael McCarthy,student in the IPTM training, Eugene, Oregon

Student practicing massage technique.Leslie is truly an inspiration.  This workshop will definitely carry through into my practice.  My body and heart crave to learn more of this work!”
Amy Roberts, massage therapist, Gold Lake Spa


Student observing at training. “This workshop has transformed the way I feel about and do bodywork. I was bored and tired of what I was doing, uninspired.  Now I look forward to massaging, it is fun, playful, satisfying, each massage unique. I have evolved a lifetime in the blink of an eye!”
Jamie Bender, massage therapist, Gold Lake Spa  



“Leslie is truly phenomenal in many ways.  I thank her eternally for the gifts she empowered me to see in my own work.  Through me she will touch many people!
Anastacia, massage therapist, Gold Lake Spa

"Leslie Bruder is quite simply a master of her craft. It is as wonderful to have her work on you as it is to watch her do the lyrical, magical dance she calls phenomenal touch. It is an honor to call her my friend."
 Saffire, Drummer and Singer, Performer 


“The experience of this workshop was amazing.  Just to be in the presence of Leslie and her grounded wisdom was so inspiring!  I learned that massage can be an art and play and that my body doesn’t have to hurt.  Thank you so much!”
Ciana Grove, massage therapist, Gold Lake Spa 


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"This was truly the best class I have taken in years.  Leslie is an inspiration and a wonderful teacher, very thorough and aware of all our needs. I look forward to bringing her back to train my entire staff.  She has added a whole new dimension to my body work. Just what I needed at this moment." 

Maria Waldheim,Owner of Massage Therapy of Chatham


"This class was so worthwhile. These techniques have started my exploration into the three dimensional body and will definately take my massage to a new level.  I am so glad I took this class, I only wish my husband, a massage therapist as well, could have attended as well.  Thanks Leslie!"
Shannon Pengitore 

"Thank you so much Leslie for all the information you gave to us in this class.  You are a great instructor and I am confident in what I learned today.  I will be using it on my clients right away."
Lot of love, Saroj Sharma


"I love the way I can now use my own body to help others without hurting myself.  I learned that gravity is such a great tool. I can now bring more rhythm to my massage.  I'm looking forward to attending the Massage in the Tropics Retreat in Mexico this winter.  Can't wait!."
Doris King, Owner of Massage Rhythms

"Leslie's massage inspired me to want to learn more.  I can't wait for her class.   I learned so much just receiving.  It was magical."
Barb Mahoney, CMT


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“This workshop has definitely touched me deeply.  I loved the opening and closing circles; Leslie's humor was so wonderful, her presence and passion infused and influenced my world!”
Ynyra O’shea, massage therapist, Gold Lake Spa

“Leslie is a gifted healer, an alchemist, whose touch restores and honors the sacred marriage of body and soul.”
Nan DeGrove, Astrologist, spiritual teacher



The people depicted in the photos on this page were photographed in events
with Leslie Bruder. They are matched to the quotes.

An abridged version of a poem written by a client: 


Massage on my 69th Birthday
by Aziza Scarpelli



She touched me
Her hands caressing my skin
Lilac and green shimmered below my eyelids
Nearby soft music was playing, oozing deeply into my skin
Her hands followed the music,
Rhythming caresses permeating my pores.

She was not afraid to touch
My belly, buttocks, breasts, brain,                  
they all received the play of her strokes
Others fear to touch, fear to connect
Skin to skin, person to person, heart and mind
But she was there, right there, right here.


My massage was fantasmagorical!
I found her, I thought,
At last, I have found her,
The one I have been looking for.

I received a gift today, was rebirthed, reborn,
transformed, transmogrified
I told her my experience
She was true to her word and to her work
Thank you for touching, I said to her
Your gift to me is that we touched!


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