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Leslie demonstrating massage technique with students.


What makes one massage ordinary and another one extraordinary? 
 What makes one massage therapist burn out
and another retain their spark?

The differences can be subtle, but when added up, they have an enormous impact on both the client and the therapist. I have used the twenty five years of my practice to study, identify and understand the principles that are essential for transforming a massage from good to phenomenal, for shifting work into dance and for saving one’s body from the normal wear and tear of the massage profession.  Through these indispensable principles came the unique and luscious moves of Phenomenal Touch Massage.  Once you learn how to work in such a extraordinary way, your clients will never let you go back to ordinary again...nor will you ever want to.

My trainings are designed to inspire both beginning and experienced massage therapists to evolve from wherever they are to the next level of possibility within their work.  Are you ready to be transformed??  Then you are ready to learn Phenomenal Touch Massage.

 Student practicing massage technique.

  “This workshop definitely transformed the way I do massage!!” 
Sue Bauman, massage therapist

Jack Biddle
“Leslie’s clinic was just what I needed to renew my enthusiasm for giving and receiving massage.  The gently flowing and softly supported movements of her style felt like being suspended in a warm ocean, moved by the slow rise and fall of enveloping water ... This is the ultimate evolution of masterful massage.”

Jack Biddle, massage therapist, Colorado Massage Center




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