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"Many people want to have love, but few will be willing to become it."

What is Phenomenal Touch Massage?

The difference between an ordinarily good massage and a phenomenal one has little to do with the strokes used or the pressure given. It has much more to do with the quality of touch; the capacity to give pressure with bodyweight versus strength; the stance, flow and smoothness of transitions; and the willingness to embrace the body three dimensionally, use gravity to your advantage, meet the person where they are, move their body as if it were fluid, love each cell that you touch, and enter a space so deep that you know by feel what the other needs. 

This type of touch creates a symphony—a dance that frees the other to know and become their true self.  This type of touch is Phenomenal Touch Massage.   Described by some as having qualities of Watsu (water massage), Trager and Thai massage combined with Deep Tissue Work, Phenomenal Touch is truly unique, exceptional and deeply rewarding to both those who receive and give this three-dimensional dance.  There is nothing else like it and nothing else as satisfying.  It is the ultimate evolution of masterful massage.

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"The Art of Phenomenal Touch Workshop
was an amazing experience for our therapists.  They left the class with better body mechanics, wonderful new hands-on techniques, and a renewed sense of excitement about their bodywork.  I would recommend Leslie’s teachings to any spa / therapist wishing to enhance their massage techniques.”
Brooke Schrader, Spa Manager,
Gold Lake Resort and Spa, Ward, Colorado


Phenomenal Touch Massage includes over 75 essential principles and 100 unique three dimensional moves.

Some of the Massage Moves that will be taught have names such as:
Shiva, Belly Wave, Come To Me, Rag Doll, Mermaid, Rock n' Roll, Slide n' Drool,
Up n' Over, Quadrakus, Frog, Hip Hop and Undertow.

Some of the Essential Principles that will be explored in the trainings are:

Using Gravity Utilizing the weight of the client and their own gravitational pull rather than your own strength to gain depth.

Using Momentum Allowing momentum to aid you in the massage moves, rather than using force.

Oppositional Resistance Using opposition and resistance, both together and on their own, to deepen the openings in the muscle and joint.

Three Dimensionality –  Embracing and moving the body in space, honoring its three dimensions and paying attention to the dance and relationship between your hands.

Making Contact – Touching the person and their tissue with a quality of depth, speed and movement that allows them to feel completely met; removing the veils that keep you from them; listening, being completely present.

Opening – Recognizing when and how to help the muscle open its door rather than forcing your way into it.

Saving Your Body – Using your body with proper and effective body mechanics that will not only prevent injury but expand the range and ease with which you use your body.

Live Sculpture – Opening the tissue from the inside out, having the client move with you as you work, creating a satisfying dance together that empowers the client to listen to the calls of what their body is asking for in order to fully let go.

Making Each Stroke Matter – Paying attention to every stroke you do: applying the oil, transitioning, entering, completing; making every stroke matter as much as if it were the only stroke you were doing.  Many unimportant strokes add up to create an unimportant massage.

The Do’s and The Don’ts – What brings a client deeper in and what gets in the way of the massage; all the things you can say or do that will either add to or detract from the clients overall experience.

Flow and Integration – Overlapping joints, bringing together various unique strokes, revisiting areas that call out, transitioning seamlessly so that one leaves feeling whole and integrated rather than a bunch of separate body parts that have been worked.

Freeing Yourself From Form – Paying deep attention to what the body is asking for, not what your form requires; going beyond the form into what that particular body in that particular moment needs.

Connecting With Spirit – Allowing the sacredness of spirit to enter the room, being open to the guidance of something greater than your knowing, inviting what lies beneath the surface of the tissue to unfold


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