Student on massage table.

Student observing.


“What a wonderful way to add to energy work— there are endless possibilities.”
Katherine Kerby, massage therapist



“I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.  The class was awesome and a lot of fun and went by way too fast.  Thanks!”
Melissa Ridgeway

Student participating in class.

“I learned a lot today about hot stones.  I am excited about incorporating it into my facials.  I love the stones in my kit.”
Gillian Keifer, esthetician


“I had already taken another hot stone class before Leslies but I felt lost.  There was no comparison between Leslie’s class and the one I had previously taken.  She was much more thorough, intricate, playful and creative.  Now I can really give a hot stone massage with confidence and pleasure.”
Ciana Grove, massage therapist

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“I took Leslie’s class in order to learn how to massage my two sons Taylor and Ryder with hot stones.
 Now each night before they go to sleep, I use the hot stones to help them fall into a deep restful slumber.

And it works!  It’s been amazing for us as a family.  Every chance Taylor and Rider get, they are searching for stones to bring to Leslie as a way to say thanks.  It is quite a treat for them and very rewarding for me to be able to offer them this gift each night.”
Cindy Johnson, mother and fitness trainer

Excerpt from a client’s poem…

“…She placed hot stones in my hands,
on my belly, over my solar plexus
warming my insides and heart
As her stones stroked my arms and legs,
A river of electricity ran through my body
Molten lava flowed over my skin
It was more than fantastic

It was fantasmagorical!
Aziza Scarpelli, client

“Leslie’s hot rocks class was just perfect.  It was wonderful learning outside on the green grass with beautiful flowers, right next to the creek.  And even though I am not a massage therapist, I learned so much that my life has not been the same. Since the class, only two weeks ago, I have already practiced using my stones for over 15 hours.  My husband, being the first and most frequent recipient, almost begs me for the rocks.  He loves me even more after taking the class!!
            Leslie sells a hot rock kit which includes everything from the rocks to the cooker.  She hand picks her rocks in a special place far away.  They are very hard to find and so special.  I have fallen in love with my stones!
            Recently I experienced one of Leslie’s hot rock massages.  Her little massage house on the river invites you in; it is so peaceful, full of warmth and love.  Her massage was a “once in a lifetime” experience (I have done many things in my life!).  Her heart is open wide and her hands are like ‘expert massage surgeons’; she knows where your body needs massage and healing.  The rocks heat, soothe and penetrate to everywhere.      
            I strongly recommend Leslie, especially to healers, as you can learn much from her.  She does exceptional work, she gives her all and she is the Diva of touch!!!"
Meg Reim, healer

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Student. Student participating in class.

“Exciting, phenomenal, wonderful teaching, I am looking forward to the next class!”
ynthia Burkhart, massage therapist

“Thank you so much for a class that brought a spark back into my practice.  The kit is   wonderful and no doubt blessed by Leslie’s insight and talent.  Can’t wait for the next class!
John Groom, massage therapist

"I loved the class, the location and Leslie.   It was great fun.  Thanks so much.  Can’t wait to get home and start using my stones, I love them!”
Jane Crumley, massage therapist 

“As soon as I felt the hot stones on my body, I knew I had to learn it.  Right after taking the class, I was able to integrate the hot stones into my essential oil raindrop treatments.  Within one month, my clientele had doubled.  Everyone just loves the way they feel and I know that the heat is driving the effects of the oils in more deeply.  It is a very satisfying addition to what I used to do.  I will never go back, nor will clients let me!”
Nancy Cebulla, raindrop practitioner


The people depicted in the photos on this page were photographed in events
with Leslie Bruder. Those in the last section are not matched to the quotes.


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