Hot Stone Kits

Hot Stone Kits

In order to perform a hot stone massage, one must have the proper tools.

I make UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL stone sets that are comprised of hand- selected, oiled and scented stones that I collect myself from the banks of the Colorado River and the beaches of Mexico. They are the most magnificent, exquisite, colorful set of stones that exist anywhere on the planet!!! You will not find stones like these in any of the stone sets available to order. The normal set of stones sold for $99 are all from stone yards, and are dry greyish-black and generally too thick and heavy to use. My stones are like gems, filled with incredible colors and specially selected sizes perfect for all aspects of giving a hot stone massage. The sets are comprised of black, grey and green basalt, as well as breathtaking red, gold, green, blue and brown-striped quartzite. They come pre- oiled and glistening. They are a one of a kind set of stones that will transform your hot stone massage room into a magical garden of treasures.

Finding the stones is a journey in itself. I take my raft to secret banks of old rivers in the west and collect only the ones that give their permission to leave.  The stones have been polished over the years by the constant rush of the river's current, leaving their surface smooth and velvety. The stones I collect vary in size ranging from tiny flat toe stones, to small face and neck stones, to medium round working stones, to large oblong placement stones. There are also odd shaped stones included for working specific trigger points and uniquely shaped parts of the body such as knees, ankles and elbows. They are so beautiful to see and hold, everyone fall in love with their stones!

As each kit is made individually to order, a minimum of two weeks notice is needed for your kit to be put together.

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Types and Cost of Kits:

The prices of the kits vary depending upon which kit you get. 

Hot Stone Kits

You can purchase the stones by themselves.

A set of 55 magnificent stones,
including the various categories and sizes needed, costs $149

New!! Facial, Manicure and Pedicure Kit
35 specially selected stones for only $95

Hot Stones with cooker

You can purchase the stones with the cooker.

35 stones with a small electric skillet costs $155
55 stones with a large electric skillet costs $225

Shipping costs for stone sets alone are as follows:
US: $15 for shipping plus $15 for handling totals $30
Canada: $55 for shipping plus $15 for handling totals $70
Europe: $90 for shipping plus $15 for handling totals $105

 Complete Hot Stone Kit

Or you can purchase the complete kit which includes: a set of 55 stones, an electric skillet, an oven pocket, a towel, a slotted spoon, small bowl for storing toe stones and a set of handmade elastic Velcro straps to hold stones in place.
The small complete kit (35 stones) costs $245
The large complete kit (55 stones) costs $299

Hot Stones Stone-wrappers - sample

One set of (2) stone wrappers (the wide elastic Velcro straps) may be purchased for $20 on their own or $15 with a set of stones


To Order Stone Sets:

You can order your stone set on line at or by calling our office at 303-494-6204.
Payment can be made by either check, money order, or credit card.
Please fill out the following Order Form and Mail to:
Post Office Box 3084
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Stone Set Order Form:
Stone Set Order Form in PDF format
Stone Set Order Form in Microsoft Word format

Thank you! May you enjoy your stones...they truly are magnificent gifts from the earth to you.

Let me know what you think when they arrive!!! (After you catch your breath!)


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