Scenes from Massage Class


The massage class will meet for four hours each morning following breakfast (except for our day off which is half way through the retreat).  During this time together, I will demonstrate how to sculpt the tissue and move the body in a three-dimensional manner that allows for profound opening.  I will teach the essential principles that differentiate between adequate and phenomenal touch.

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Scenes from Previous Massage in the Tropics Workshops

After the demo, I will work with you individually, as you practice on one another.  I will help you master your bodies mechanics, hand positions, use of gravity, capacity to gain pressure through dropping your weight, and the finding of stillness in movement and movement in stillness.  You will be taught new strokes and movements that can free you from the trappings of a form. 

By the end of the class, you will have had an opportunity to learn how to dance with your partner with an ease, fluidity, and deeper sense of reverence.

Participants in workshop."The massage training that Leslie has to offer is so unique, so magical, so out-of-this-world! To watch Leslie dance around her client with such grace and intention was an experience I will never forget. Her approach to massage is very heartful and soulful.  Leslie's training in Yelapa left me so inspired, I am beginning massage school this October.  Can't wait!"

--Michelle Moore, Fitness Trainer



". . . the flow and love Leslie transfers during a massage are amazing. I learned so much in one week it  was phenomenal. The combination of lay people and professionals made the course even more wonderful, full of life and energy. After returning, I enrolled in massage school. I now have a full practice and a waiting list. It was a beautiful time to connect with others and myself, a setting so tranquil, a class so divine." 

    --Michele Merhib, Founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage



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