Student Comments



"It's the most incredible week of your life! 
I feel like I got three months of rest."

-- Nan Fitzgerald, Fitness Trainer
Red heart. Students practicing techniques. Red heart.


."I went to Yelapa on empty, I left overflowing."

        -- Julia McDade, flautist and computer techie


Leslie meets you exactly where you are
 and takes you lovingly to your next level.

-- Mark McDade, lover of life and computer whiz

Participant practicing technique. 
The trip was nothing short of a life-changing experience.  
Leslie is truly a gift to this world.  I tell you this from my heart.  
It honestly changed my life.   Thank you.

-- Kristi Clary, marketing communications.

Participant practicing technique.
"What touched me most was how Leslie worked with the soul of the person, beyond size, shape, personality and gender... acknowledging with touch the sacredness of the body. This brought the level of the work to a higher appreciation."

-- Heart Phoenix, co- leader of workshop entitled 
"Beyond the Veil"

"Leslie's hands move with the same grace and effect as a master sculptor's hands. 
Participant couple.She sculpts flesh with thought and precision to the degree that we have aspired with clay...I feel that in a perfect world, vast numbers of people would line up to buy tickets to one of her massage performances with the same excitement, passion and anticipation that any patron would feel at a world class ballet."

-- John & Traci Soderberg, master sculptors


Participant."I've never seen a leader run a workshop 
with such care and heart for the participants. She is a joy to work with and she always brings such great groups. We can't wait for her return!"
-- Lucas, owner of Hotel Lagunita in Yelapa




“Having gone to school together, we had the same foundation in massage.  Since this workshop, we have both noticed a deepening and an opening in our own and each other’s work that continues to evolve, enabling us to meet our clients in a much more connected and flowing fashion.” 

Michelle Moore and Tanya Beck, massage therapists

Participant family.“This workshop was spectacular!  Leslie’s class and teaching was so helpful in showing us individual and effective ways to work on each other that now it is a delight rather than a chore to massage each other at home.  Our children were so welcomed and loved by the group.  This time deepened us as a family and was a long needed respite for us all.”

Dave, Carmela, Paloma, and Eliana Secunda, entrepreneur and choreographer


Participants.“Leslie’s phenomenal touch speaks for itself.  It is truly the most complete, three dimensional, sensitive way to approach a healing touch.  Her workshop made us feel happy and more juiced about our own practice.  Her wisdom and creativity teach that massage is a beautiful dance.”

Pamela Lippe and David Weil, massage therapists



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