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The Art of Touch

Whether you are professional or amateur, this class will reveal secrets that can transform your massage from good to exquisite, from a trade to an art, from effort to pleasure.  You will increase your capacity to listen with your hands, bring dance to your touch, depth to your movement. Using gravity and stance as your allies; rhythm and flow as your teachers, you will feel stiff muscles soften into supple clay beneath your guided hands.  Come taste a profoundly different and joyous experience of massage.

A Week of Bliss

This is not simply a massage class;  it is a deep experience of communion, waking each dawn to song, watching the day unveil itself as we meditate, stretch & sing to the silence of the morning.  During this enchanting time of discovering new ways of touching bodies, we also delight in delicious new ways of touching our hearts, our spirits and our souls. We leave the retreat renewed, refreshed; our souls fed and infused with new possibilities and zest for life.

Massage in the Tropics Workshops

  • Sat February 28 - Sat March 7, 2015

  • The workshop fee is $1,450*  all inclusive, except air fare and includes an 8 day, 7 night stay at Hotel Lagunita (2 to a palapa near the beach), 3 scrumptious meals a day, as well as the entire workshop. 


  • Continuing Education Units (20 CE hours) can be acquired for either AMTA or National Certification renewal by taking this course.

  • Afternoons are reserved for resting on the beach, taking a boat ride, watching whales, hiking to a waterfall, paragliding, utilizing the hotel's full spa facilities or simply doing nothing. This offers a perfect balance between class time and personal relaxation.

  • Enrollment limited to a maximum group of 20 and is for professional bodyworkers, students of massage, or simply lovers of life.  It is best to sign up with a friend but individuals can be paired for class as well.

  • To Register link to Contact page.

  • If you live in the Boulder area, you are encouraged to experience Leslie's work first-hand prior to attending the workshop. Contact Leslie.

"Leslie Bruder, with her art form of "phenomenal touch", has taken an ancient human necessity, studied it, refined and purified it; made it better. The effects of her workshop have been very important and will enhance my work for the rest of my life."

--John Soderberg
  master sculptor

View of bay.



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