About Phenomenal Touch® Massage


Imagine truly meeting your clients

Imagine giving a massage that lights you up, rekindles your passion, and bring as much joy to you as you give to others. Your depth and pressure, contact and speed are perfectly balanced. Your hands enter so skillfully they are invisible. Your transitions from one body part to another are so seamless they go unnoticed. You dance, overlapping your hands, creating a rhythm of pause and movement that stems from a deep listening.

Utilizing the weight of your client's body and own gravitational pull, there is no need for force. Cradling your clients into positions that support the muscles' natural ability to relax, their resistance dissolves without pain. There is a presence where communication is not reliant upon words and where words, when used, are like drops of healing rain.

Now, imagine this happening as if in water. Although your client remains on a massage table, her body is no longer limited by it. Parts of her are draped off the table, others lifted into the air. Your hands move on both sides of her body at once. The client slowly rises and falls with gravity, undulating like seaweed in a wave. She unwinds. Her muscles melt and her heart opens. You invite the client into a sacred acceptance of all that she is, an ancient remembering of what she always knew was possible in a massage, but had not yet found until now. This is Phenomenal Touch® .

Principles of PTM

There are more than 100 unique moves contained in Phenomenal Touch®  Massage. However, as extraordinary as these moves are, none of them were created in and of themselves, but rather unfolded naturally as an end result of the employment of their underlying principles. 

A technique for everyone

PTM is appropriate for everyone to receive. It can be performed on many levels, from light to deep, from the most subtle energetic version used for the elderly, injured or frightened, to its supreme yogic dance of unparalleled fluidity meant for the healthy, limber spine. The same holds true for those who perform the technque. There are practitioners of all ages, sizes, shapes and strengths.

As long as the principles are utilized, the moves will unfold according to the body that is receiving them, as well as the body that is giving them. Certain moves are easier for taller people, while others are easier for shorter people. A few moves require some strength, while the majority of moves depend only upon proper body mechanics. Each practitioner does each move slightly differently. This allows each session to be unique while still sharing the same principles.


Short courses in PTM are offered all over the United States, and in Mexico and the West Indies for those who want to integrate some of the technique into their existing massage practice. These can be taken at the Institute for Phenomenal Touch in Colorado, or organized individually at your spa or school.

A one-year training is held at the institute and results in master practioner status and certification in the technique. This extensive training not only teaches all of the moves and principles of PTM, but also provides experience with underlying elements, such as Trager work, Watsu, qigong, communication, boundaries, group process, and heat-opening rituals. It is strongly recommended that students have previous massage training, although exceptions are made for those with natural abilities.

Why learn PTM?

Whether you choose to study Phenomenal Touch®  for a brief or intensive amount of time, your work and life will never be the same. PTM is a gift given not only to the client, but to the therapist, as well. Work becomes spiritual play. As the principles of PTM are employed, it is no longer possible for a massage to be boring or tiresome. Touch is transformed into a splendid dance of praise for the magic, power, beauty, and love that is in each and every one of us.